Frequently Asked Questions about our Premium Service

What is this?

A subscription to our service provides you with Cable TV through the internet.

This includes 1,000+ channels, sports packagesmovie packages, and more!

Check out our full channel list here.

Internet Speed Requirement?
Before purchasing a subscription with us, we highly recommend you do a speed test to check your internet speed.

Your Internet needs to be a minimum of 10-15 MBPS download and 1-3 MBPS upload.

Please go to http://www.speedtest.net to test your internet speed.

We are not responsible for bad quality service if the root of the issue is client’s internet speed

Please note that speed is not everything. Sometimes your ISP may be the problem.

Accepted Payment Methods?

We currently accept Bitcoin, PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.  If you choose to use a pre-paid credit-card please use matching contact information. If you continue to experience processing information errors, please contact us by visiting https://u-host.org/support.

Is your website secure?
Our website utilizes a full SSL certificate to ensure you are secure when processing your payment orders.

My login isn't working what gives?

9 times out of 10 the login doesn’t work correctly because it was entered in wrong. Double check your login details with our Phonetic Username and Password Helper!

Can I be an affiliate?
How does it work?
Simply put, servers hold live streams of channels, and we allow access to these servers through a subscription with us.

Access credentials are given along with setup instructions through email after purchase.

These access credentials can then be used within our Android or iOS applications, or the Web Player for immediate access!

How do I get started?

Getting started is quick and easy!

  1. Pick a plan
  2. Register an account
  3. Pay for your plan
  4. Done! You’ll receive an email with your details and fool-proof setup guides!
Supported Devices?

Our Services support many devices! You can activate an Android Box (highly recommended for the best experience), iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, Windows or Mac devices, as well as an Amazon Firestick.

Our Services also support Roku devices, but we do not recommend using them.

We can activate MAG and Enigma Devices as well!

We also offer a Web Player that will allow you to use the  service on any browser with internet connection!

How do I setup my device?

We have easy to follow directions with pictures for setting up your device. Click here to see the guides.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely! If you do wish to cancel simply visit https://www.u-host.org/support and contact our team so we can begin the cancellation process.

Can I be a reseller?

Ready to get watching?

Great choice! We won’t let you down!


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We are real people striving to give the best customer service because we know the importance of having our customers happy and fully supported!
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